Overview: Lux European hotel in the Bulgarian Capital needed an update to their design and aesthetic. 

Skills: Art Direction, Design



Client: Intercontinental Hotel Group - Sofia, Bulgaria

Drawing from brand aesthetic and the local history I conceived a of an art package that combined the two and gave the aesthetic a contemporary voice while still retaining that megalux feel that brand strives for. 

Hotels are interesting spaces in that the art and design have to be palatable to wide audience but still feel unique. In order to be successful the concepts have to be innocuous to a degree but still sentimental, and very local. For this project I developed the concept around the history of the city as a patron of the arts and the design culture draping the institutions that make this possible. 

Using this history I paired it with "the arts" itself. The images are surreal places where the arts as a living entity are always present in very real spaces. The spirits of painters and dancers play with the iconic architecture of Sofia.

test002 copy.jpg