Client: D'Esert

Skills: Art Direction, Studio Management, Branding

Overview: With a crazy talented team of studio artists at my fingertips I decided to develop a conceptual art package to push everyones creative and aesthetic abilities as well as have some fun. This whole project took 1 day to concieve, direct and create.


Hotel D’Esert is a new lux boutique hotel located in the Sonoran Desert. The design takes inspiration from the flora, fauna, and landscape of Sonoran Desert region. The owner is a huge art fan, particular of Mexican muralism and abstract minimalism. The palette for the property consists of desert pastels including millennial pink, off whites, soft teals, greens and blues. The space is very bright and light with lots of natural sunlight.

Commissioning our handpicked team of studio artists, we developed sub-concepts existing within the overall design concept that is D’Esert. Each one of our studio artists utilized their unique talents and expertise of medium and art form.